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Mother, grandmother, teacher, writer, philosopher, political acrobat and life's companion to my wonderful husband of fifty years!


Return Journey, published by Purdue is a backward view of my actions and feelings during my mother's eight years of Alzheimer's. It includes the experiences and emotions of about seventy other Alzheimer's caregivers. (See Photo)

I am devouring these latter years of my life, reading, knitting, spinning, and enjoying the changes I find in my mind and soul since youth took flight. I am growing old. It is something that, if we are lucky, happens to us all. In these last years I wanted to sort out those parts of life that have been worth living.

"Wild Apples" is my theater virtuale' and is based on Henry David Thoreau's essay, "Wild Fruit", written shortly before his death. It is a recognition of the need to winnow the harvest of the past, saving those ideas, pieces of life and human traits that are worthy of a more eternal existence. Enjoy, comment, contribute!


Writing, spinning, knitting, Thoreau, Transcendentalists, Philosophy, politics, government, history, ugh! exercise, family, new ideas, brainstorms and good friends.